Peter Agbongiator


Internationally Educated Engineer

Peter, a Mechanical Engineer from Nigeria, came to Directions for Immigrants to seek assistance with his job search and to find out about the accreditation process with the Association of Professional Engineers, Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

As soon as Peter learned about the services offered by Directions, he signed up for the Engineering NPPE Study Group to prepare for the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE), a mandatory requirement to obtain the APEGGA accreditation.

“The NPPE study group was essential for my preparation for the exam. It provided me with a comprehensive plan and method to cover all the APEGA text books. Weekly quizzes, presentations and class participation helped us prepare better for the exam. Facilitators of the study group were well informed and handled the meetings effectively. They were always willing to give detailed explanations when clarifying technical engineering concepts.”

Peter also registered for the Communication Works Job Success Study Group to improve his communication skills and learn more about Canadian work culture and business practices. These study groups helped Peter improve his confidence and set him on the path to licensure as an engineer in Canada. He is now working as an Instrumentation Specialist in Calgary.