Felipe Guzman


Internationally Educated Business Administrator

Felipe Guzman, an Internationally Educated Business Administrator from Peru, participated in the Clear Communication Business with the overall objective to enhance his interpersonal skills necessary to establish and maintain helpful and professional relationships in the workplace.

“The Clear Communication for Business study group provided key insights on the Canadian culture in the workplace and gave me the tools to interact with colleagues and executives. I learned about the importance of recognizing different personalities, having good communication skills in place, and believing in teamwork.”

Over the course of 10 weeks, (meeting once a week for three hours), Felipe recognized the value of the group and quickly committed to learning essential workplace communication skills including: giving and receiving feedback, techniques for overcoming communication barriers such clarifying and confirming, assertion, steps to problem solving, conflict resolution, and much more. During role play, Felipe took the lead amongst his peers and demonstrated each concept with understanding and appreciation. His thoughts and insights with respect to each lesson were shared among the group which ultimately, portrayed Felipe as an active learner.

Felipe has achieved his career goal as he is currently working in a Procurement position in the oil and gas industry in Calgary.