Afshin Talaie


Internationally Educated Pharmacist

Afshin Talaie immigrated to Canada in July 2007. He completed his Master’s degree in Pharmacy in Iran in 1991. Afshin participated in all of the Directions' Pharmacy study groups (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Evaluating Exam, MCQ Part 1 and OSCE).

After completing the International Pharmacy Bridging Program at Bredin Institute in Calgary in 2008 and the required 1000 hours of structured practical training in February 2010, he obtained full licensure as a Canadian pharmacist from the PEBC. Since that time, he has been working as a Pharmacist at a CO-OP Pharmacy.

"Being a participant of the Pharmacy study groups helped me very much. The career coaches make a great effort in preparing different materials that give us the opportunity to practice and be better prepared for the actual tests. As well, the study group settings provide a place for internationally educated pharmacists to share their knowledge and experience.”