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Talk about your international experience

My best advice to show your international experience to an employer would be to network,
network, network. Connecting with other professionals working in the industry gives you an
opportunity to explain how your professional experience, if not exactly the same, is very similar to someone with local experience.

General News

Holiday Hours

Merry Christmas from our team, we hope you can enjoy the season with family and friends. Please note our office is closed from December 24 to January 1.

You rock!

Congratulations to our awesome group of internationally educated professionals who completes the 1-week Clear Communication for Business (CCB) job success study group tomorrow. You guys rock!

The next CCB group will run from February 4 to 8, 2019. Call us today at 403-770-5155.


What a fabulous group of internationally educated health professionals joined our Clear Communication for Health Care Professionals (CCHP) Job Success Group. They are fine-tuning their communication skills with patients and colleagues from many other health care fields. Great job everybody! 

The upcoming CCHP will run Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2019. Call today 403-770-5155.

The City of Calgary Information Session

Melissa, HR Consultant - Talent Acquisition, from the City of Calgary spoke at our latest Info Session. Our clients were excited to learn about the city’s services, hiring practices and job search tips.

If you are an internationally educated professional and need help with your job search, call us today at 403-770-5155.

Job search resources

Obtain career advice from career development professionals, rather than from friends

Unsolicited advice comes easily when we start a new stage in our lives. For example, moving to a new place, becoming parents and looking for work. For this last one you will attract people's opinion especially if you are a newcomer to Canada.

Volunteering to build your professional network

The Canadian Immigrant Magazine posted a great article on how volunteering helps with your job search, especially when you are a newcomer. 

"They say 'Your network is your net worth.' If you’re looking for career opportunities, volunteering can be a great way of building your network and increasing your knowledge of the job market'" reads the article.

Click here to read the article:

Tips from our clients

The zeal

"Directions for Immigrants has a group of career coaches that are very experienced, professional and demonstrate the zeal to help new immigrants."

Olu, internationally educated banking manager



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