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Need to network with other professionals in your field?

Questions such as: What is labour market information? How do I find it? How do I use it? What does it mean to my job search? What is an information interview? are all answered during this session. 

Topics discussed include labour market trends, using sector information and cold calling to employers.

Thursday June 7 from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Call 403-770-5155.

What not to do in an interview

Answering a cell phone or texting during the interview, appearing disinterested, appearing arrogant, speaking negatively about a current or previous employer, chewing gum, not providing specific answers, not asking good questions are some of the most common mistakes that hiring managers have seen. To read the complete article, click here to visit the Career section at the MSN website.

Choosing Between Making Money and Doing What You Love

If you're really passionate about what you do, but it's not going to make you a lot of money, should you still do it? Research shows that people who make progress every day toward something they care about report being satisfied and fulfilled. On the contrary, those people who are not passionate about what they do but satisfied with the money they make, they often say to themselves: ‘Once I get enough money, I'll do what I really want to do. I won't worry about the money.’ Who has the right answer? To read the full article written by Leonard A. Schlesinger, Charles F. Kiefer, and Paul B. Brown click here.

What's the difference between a professional regulatory organization and a professional association?

Professional associations represent the interests of their membership, whereas professional regulatory organizations have been delegated the authority to govern their profession by the provincial government and work within a regulatory framework established by government. For example, the Alberta Medical Association, a professional association of physicians, is a separate body from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, the professional regulatory organization for physicians. Click here for more information.

Career Coach explains the benefits of an Action Plan

Joan Matsusaki, Directions’ career coach explains what an action plan is and why it is important for job seekers to have it in place.

“An action plan is a written agreement between a career coach and client to work together towards the client’s professional career goals. 

It is important to seek professional help when searching for a job.  Job searching requires skills that must be learned such as how to network, how to write a targeted resume, how to market skills appropriately during an interview and how to approach employers directly.  To implement these skills, job searchers need courage and motivation.  Having a personal career coach means that a client can seek emotional support when feeling discouraged and improve skills to gain a competitive edge.”

Joan Matsusaki adds that action plans need to be flexible in order to accommodate client’s needs.  The career coach and client work together towards the common goal of employment, but it is the client who determines the pace of progress and how much help he/she want to receive.

Client News

NPPE exam preparation

NPPE exam prep at no cost for internationally educated engineers & geoscientists.  

November 15, 2017 to January 31, 2018 (Wednesdays) 

Call today 403-770-5155.

And the winner is...

The results are in! Fatmir Hashani is the winner of a $100 gift card. Fatmir entered his name in our draw after completing our recent client survey. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for participating in this survey.

Congratulations Victor!

Victor is an internationally educated mechanical engineer with a Master's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and 10 years of professional experience who received one-on-one guidance and support with his job search from Patrick, career coach at Directions. 

He recently landed a job as a Senior FEA (Finite Element Analysis) Analyst in an engineering consulting company in Calgary. “Patrick offered me guidance for my job search. Directions for Immigrants is excellent for immigrant professionals,” said Victor.

Internationally educated pharmacists ready to take the exam

Our internationally educated pharmacist clients who participated in the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Evaluating Exam (PEBC EE) study groups are prepared to take their exam scheduled on January 8 & 9, 2014. Good luck to all of you! 

The groups ran from September to January and they were facilitated by licensed pharmacists and Rachel Malahay, career coach at Directions.

We have spaces available in the group starting on February 6. Call 403-770-5155.

APEGA Information Session at Directions covered requirements for licensure as a P.Eng and P.Geo.

Guillermo Barreiro, Manager, Internationally Educated Graduates Integration and Liason at APEGA, presented on December 2 to Directions’ clients how to get licensed as a Professional Engineer or Geoscientist with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA).

For more information on APEGA, click here.

For more information on how to attend an Industry Networking Session click here

Practice clinical exam for internationally educated pharmacists

Directions for Immigrants implemented a practice clinical exam for internationally educated pharmacists this fall at the Medical Skills Centre, University of Calgary.

This practice test is part of the study group we offer to help the clients prepare for the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). This exam is required as part of the licensing process that internationally educated pharmacists have to pursue in Canada.

Good luck to all our clients in the actual exam!

Internationally educated pharmacists are ready for the licensing exams!

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Qualifying Exam Part I (MCQ) and II (OSCE) study groups participants finished on May 16 after 13 weeks of hard work! Good luck with your exams!

Check out our clients good wishes on our Facebook page.

Examination dates can be found on this link:

Spaces available in the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE) Study Group

The groups run on Wednesday evenings or Saturday mornings. Registration will remain open until the end of the month or spots are filled.

Spread the word to your network of internationally educated engineers and geoscientists! Please call Directions’ main number (403) 297-2555 to determine eligibility or click here for more information.

Did you hear what some of the previous participants have to say?

“It was a big help for preparing to write the exam. The facilitators are great and have extensive knowledge of what they are discussing during the review,” said Christopher Reyes, internationally educated electrical engineer with over 18 years of professional experience.

The most recent groups finished the second week of July. The participants are now waiting for the results of the exam. Good luck to all of you!

Internationally educated pharmacists took licensing exam

The internationally educated pharmacists who completed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Evaluating Exam study group last month at Directions for Immigrants took the exam last July 4 and 5. “It has been really good. It gage me a boost to study, study and study and achieve my goals and never back out", said Zubia Zeeshan, one of the participants. Good luck to all of you! 

The upcoming study groups will start on August 11 and September 5. Phone the main number for information 403-297-2555. Distance delivery method available for Alberta residents outside of Calgary. Toll free: 1-877-297-2553

Nelson found a job as a Field Electrical Technician Specialist with Worley Parsons

Nelson is an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in project management. He immigrated to Canada in the Winter of 2011, when he accessed Directions for Immigrants to get help with his job search. “At Directions for Immigrants I received the following services at no cost, in a professional and very friendly environment:

  • A career coach who challenged me in selecting an area of specific expertise to focus my job search
  • Opportunities to participate in workshops to learn about the Canadian Labour Market, how to meet people and make connections to facilitate getting a job 
  • Opportunities to attend presentations on Canadian companies, to meet their representatives, know their needs and requirements for professionals and their hiring criteria”

Four months later, Nelson had a job interview for a Senior Project Engineer position at Worley Parsons. “Both of the interviewing managers suggested to start in another position, a construction field engineering position, to get Oil & Gas industry engineering experience and knowledge of Canadian standards. I accepted this position as a very good platform to launch my professional career in Alberta,” says Nelson.

Nelson thinks that coming to Directions “should be one of the very first activities in the list of any immigrant job search plan.”

Congratulations Nelson and good luck with your new job! 

Planning to become a licensed pharmacist?

Check out the upcoming study group that help internationally educated pharmacists prepare for the accreditation exams starting this September! Click here

Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Evaluating Exam (PEBC EE) Study Group
Start date: September 5. 

It's not too late to join. Spaces still available! Phone us at 403-297-2555 or email us at

Worley Parsons Presentation

Engineering clients attended a presentation given by Bob Milsap, Project Manager at Worley Parsons. Mr. Milsap addressed the realities of engineering in Alberta and provided advice on how to succeed in the workplace.  This special event is part of the industry information sessions, we offer to provide valuable career and work related information to our clients.

15 engineering clients passed the NPPE

Congratulations to our 15 engineering clients who recently passed their National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE)

These clients participated in our NPPE study groups and wrote the exam on October 18.

A pharmacy client found a job as a Pharmacy Intern

Neerja Kumar found a job as a Pharmacy Intern at a local pharmacy in Drumheller. Neerja participated in the EE, MCQ and OSCE study groups at Directions. She has passed the EE and is planning to write the MCQ and OSCE in May 2011.

“The study groups have been very helpful and I have gained enough confidence to write my PEBC exams next year. Thanks to your staff and special thanks to Career Coach Darlene Baker for her wonderful coordination of the study groups.”

An internationally educated engineer found a job in a O&G company

Wilfredo Vargas, an internationally educated pipeline engineer, found a job as a Hydraulics Technician at an Oil and Gas company. “The guidance I received from my career coach was key to building my resume and cover letter. As well, I learned that employers like employees who show a positive attitude. When I went to the job interview, I was ready to show that I had not only the skills but also a positive personality.”

An internationally educated nurse found a job in a healthcare facility

Durga Deuja, a nurse client from Nepal, recently obtained a Health Care Aide position at a long-term care facility in Calgary. “I am very thankful to Directions for Immigrants, especially to Nabeela, who has provided me with a lot of support to find a job. She also gave me useful information about the Canadian life and how to upgrade my career in Canada. I really appreciate her help and support.”

Durga just started her accreditation process with the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA).

10 new Canadian Registered Nurses in Alberta

Congratulations to our 10 nurse clients who recently passed their Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE)

These clients participated in our CRNE study group and wrote the exam on October 6th.

Two of the clients live in Red Deer, where Directions delivers a study group.

An IT client recently found a job

Vijyendra Maharaj, an internationally educated IT professional from Trinidad, recently found a job as a Resource Response Analyst at an Oil and Gas company in Calgary. “Directions for Immigrants supported me in creating a successful action plan. The workshops I attended were very informative. My career coach Joan Matsusaki, gave me assistance and advice and was always helpful.”

Good news from a Pharmacy client

Hala Saba, an internationally educated pharmacist from Syria, recently became licensed as a Pharmacist and is working full time in her profession.

Hala attended the PEBC MCQ and OSCE study groups at Directions in the Fall of 2009. She passed both exams in May 2010 and completed her internship at a Calgary pharmacy, where she continues to work.

Hala found the Study groups to be very helpful in practicing OSCE clinical stations and reviewing technical information for MCQ and OSCE exams. As well, the study groups provided a chance to meet other internationally educated pharmacists and share the licensing experience with them.

Good news from an International Medical Graduate (IMG) client

An International Medical Graduate (IMG) from Colombia and client of Directions for Immigrants recently obtained a job as a physician assistant in a medical centre in Calgary.

An internationally educated nurse recently obtained two part-time jobs in her field

Mihaela Spirchez, an internationally educated nurse from Romania, recently found two part-time job opportunities as a nurse attendant at a nursing home and a hospital in Calgary. Mihaela had this to say about the services at Directions for Immigrants,

“I would like to thank to my career coach Joumana Tasse for her extraordinary support, guidance and professionalism. Her outstanding coaching skills helped me in achieving my professional goals and  regain my confidence. She never stopped believing in my traits and skills, always motivated and encouraged me and made herself available to meet up when I was in need. With her advice I was able to navigate easily throughout the process of becoming accredited as a RN. Furthermore, I want to express my gratitude for her efforts in helping me find a job. Without her I would not have been able to be where I am.

I want to thank to all the staff at Directions for their professionalism and courtesy in helping new immigrants achieving their career goals. Without any hesitation I would recommend their services to any new immigrant.”

Great news from an internationally educated Pharmacist

Bina Patel, an internationally educated Pharmacist from India, recently found a job in a national chain Pharmacy. Bina has passed the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) Evaluating Exam, Qualifying Exam Part 1 and Qualifying Exam Part 2 (OSCE) after having completed the study groups Directions for Immigrants has in place to prepare participants for these licensing exams.

Bina Patel had the following to say about the study groups:

“I have found that the study groups always encouraged me to study more and the career coaches were excellent facilitators. I also had the opportunity to meet people who were in the same boat as I was, so I did not feel alone in achieving my professional goals. The sessions were very structured and organized, which helped me stay organized.”       

Three engineering clients recently obtained jobs in their fields

Manish Kumar, an internationally educated Civil Engineer from India, recently found a job in the structural design area at an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company in Calgary.

Manish had this to say on the support he received at Directions for Immigrants:

“Directions for Immigrants taught me various job search techniques and encouraged me to attend different networking events in Calgary. Directions’ career coaches assisted me in developing my resume and cover letter which is a key reason of my job search success. I am truly thankful to Directions’ team for helping with my targeted job search.”

Aman Gupta, an internationally educated Structural Engineer, recently emailed us to share great news. He just found a job in an engineering consulting firm in Calgary.

 “I thank Directions for Immigrants for maintaining great services for newcomers to Calgary. My Career Coach, Joan Matsusaki, was a great support and mentor right from the beginning, from applying for work to preparing for job interviews. She helped me stay focused, gave me confidence and brought out the best of me. Basically, I would not have obtained a top job without her help."

Godofredo Datolayta, an internationally educated Communications Engineer from Philippines, has successfully found work at a leading entertainment and communications company as a Wireless Analyst. 

We wish Manish, Aman and Godofredo great professional success in their new positions.

An engineering client recently obtained a job in his field

Jaime Lopez, a Directions’ engineering client, recently obtained a position as an Inventory Coordinator for a pipe manufacturing company. 

He sent us a feed-back on the services and resources he has received from Directions for Immigrants:

“Directions for Immigrants has been my second home since I moved to Calgary, Canada in August 2009.

My career coaches (Patrick and Joan) helped me understand my needs and build my one year career plan to get back to my engineering field. 

Patrick supported me with my first resumes and gave me directions on how to rebuild my engineering background so as to be able to apply for the APPEGA designation. I also participated in Directions’ National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE) study group. With the support I obtained from this study group, I was capable of passing the exam in my first attempt.

Joan Matsusaki helped me develop my soft skills and provided me with tips on effective networking. She also made me aware of the importance of understanding the Canadian culture in the workplace.

I really appreciate Directions for Immigrants’ support. Without it, I would not be where I am right now, just after a year I moved to Canada.”

An internationally educated nurse talks about our Nurses study group

Navneet Kumari, an internationally educated nurse from India, just finished the Canadian Nurse Registered Examination (CRNE) study group last September 28. She emailed us to share her thoughts about this learning opportunity Directions for Immigrants offered her to prepare for the CRNE exam.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Directions for Immigrants’ staff encourages behaviors such as listening and constructively responding to points of view expressed by others, providing support to those who need it, and recognizing the interests and achievements of others.

The task of the nurses study group was to encourage participants to share information, exchange viewpoints, discuss learning strategies, form good partnerships and show acceptance to different personalities. Joumana Tasse, our career coach and facilitator, always worked towards making our goal of passing the CRNE exam come true. She definitively led us to the journey of success.”

Two engineering clients recently obtained jobs in their field

Two engineering clients of Directions obtained positions at Bantrel and Evraz, in the areas of structural designing and inventory control.

We wish them success in their new positions.

An international relations client actively committed to job search in Calgary

Kristyna Vojtkova arrived in Calgary in July, after having completed her Master’s Degree in International Relations in the Czech Republic.

Below are some excerpts of an e-mail she sent us about the resources and support she obtained from Directions’ staff.

“Directions for Immigrants provides an outstanding service. I was surprised by how much is actually offered to newcomers free of charge and with such a degree of professionalism. At Directions, I met people who are in the same situation as I am, many of them older than me and with more years of experience. This made me realize that I need to work hard on finding a job but also stay patient and positive.

My Career Coach, Patrick Cotter, helps me with anything I need to discuss, recommends areas that I can focus on and provides great support above all. Soon after our first meeting, I was invited for an interview for the position of Venue Manager for the Calgary International Film Festival. A kind receptionist scheduled a meeting with a career coach on very short notice so I could prepare for my first interview. I got the job and I enjoy coming to Directions on a regular basis to let them know about the progress I try to make every day.

In summary, I am amazed by Directions’ friendly atmosphere that makes everybody who is seeking a piece of advice feel positive and welcomed.”

An engineering client recently obtained a job in an EPCM company

Great news for an engineering client of Directions. He just found a job as a piping designer for an EPCM company in Vancouver. We wish him success in his new position.

15 new Canadian Registered Nurses in Alberta

Congratulations to our 15 internationally educated nurse (IENs) clients who recently passed their Canadian Registered Nurses Exam (CRNE)

These (IENs) participated in Directions for Immigrants’ CRNE study groups and wrote the CRNE on June 2nd.

Three of the successful IENs live in Red Deer, where Directions also delivers a study group at the Red Deer Regional Hospital.

Victoria Domingo, now a Registered Nurse from the Philippines, wrote about her experience with the study group:

“I am really thankful for your efforts in making my experience with Directions for Immigrants memorable. Your patience, understanding, and motivation to the group urged us to study more. It was greatly appreciated! Thanks to all of you”.

5 Internationally Educated Pharmacists recently passed their licensing exams

Directions for Immigrants is pleased to announce that 5 internationally educated pharmacist clients recently passed their Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) MCQ and OSCE exams. Congratulations!

An Internationally Educated Dentist on his way to enter his field in Alberta

Henrique Moreno, an Internationally Educated Dentist from Brazil, recently shared with us that he was admitted to the Master of Science and Residency Program in TMD and Orofacial Pain at the University of Alberta.

Henrique received career coaching at our centre, and participated in workshops and in the Clear Communication for Health Professionals study group.

3 Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists recently passed their licensing exam

Congratulations to our three internationally educated medical lab technologist clients who recently passed their Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) Certification Exam. These MLTs currently work as Medical Laboratory Assistants at Calgary Lab Services.


To our 14 IMG (international medical graduates) clients who passed their Medical Council of Canada licensing exams and participated in our first IMG study group sessions offered this past winter.

Our client Michael Maltsev recently found a job as a Controller for an IT company. Congratulations Michael!


"I would like to thank Directions for Immigrants and BVC for your good service and help. Your support was very important for me. Thank you for your advice and good attitude."



The Association of Science and Engineering Technology (ASET) will be presenting to Directions clients on August 16 at 12:45 pm. To register contact your career coach 403-770-5155.

General News


What a fabulous group of internationally educated health professionals joined our Clear Communication for Health Care Professionals (CCHP) Job Success Group. They are fine-tuning their communication skills with patients and colleagues from many other health care fields. Great job everybody! 

The upcoming CCHP will run Jan 28 – Feb 1, 2019. Call today 403-770-5155.

Labour Day

 We will be closed on September 3 for the Labour Day holiday. 

We will be closed for Canada Day - Monday, July 2nd

Join Canada’s 151st birthday celebrations taking place across downtown. "We have worked with our partners to plan many fun, family-friendly and free events filled with music, dance, art and culture. The entertaining Indigenous Showcase is back on Prince’s Island Park, we have a ‘One City, One Voice’ community sing-a-long at the Riverfront Stage, food trucks along Riverfront Avenue, a military showcase, Francophonie celebrations of food and music, a street fair in the East Village and a multicultural celebration in Eau Claire to name a few," according to the the City of Calgary website.

The City of Calgary Information Session

Melissa, HR Consultant - Talent Acquisition, from the City of Calgary spoke at our latest Info Session. Our clients were excited to learn about the city’s services, hiring practices and job search tips.

If you are an internationally educated professional and need help with your job search, call us today at 403-770-5155.

Christmas hours

Our office is closed December 22 to January 1. We will be open at 8:30 am on January 2, 2018.
Happy Holidays everyone!

We will be closed on Easter Friday and Monday

For Easter weekend, please note we will be closed Good Friday & Easter Monday, but open regular hours on Tuesday March 29. 

Visit these links to find out about free events in Calgary this long weekend:

  • Easter events at Bass Pro Shops
  • Family Easter Egg Hunt
  • Kensington Music and Culture Week

We will be closed on Monday September 7 for Labour Day

Looking for fun and free activities for this long weekend? Check out these events:

Closed for Victoria Day

Our office will be closed on Monday, May 18 for the Victoria Day Holiday.

Happy Holidays

From all of us at Directions for Immigrants, we wish you every happiness for a most joyful season!

Workplace Communication for Nurses

Do you know Any internationally educated nurse presently in at least one of the following categories?
• Unemployed
• Employed as a Graduate Nurse
• Employed as a Licensed Practical Nurse pursuing Registered Nurse licensure
• Employed as a Health care Aide pursuing Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse licensure 

Directions for Immigrants invites you to join our 1-day workshops designed to enrich your professionalism. Start thinking of your competitive advantage and, register for workshops that address the most emerging skills required to be successful in the workplace.

Please call 403-770-5155 or email to register. Check workshops Here.

Clear Communication for Business

Are you looking to develop your essential communication skills and improve your success in the Canadian workplace? We still have limited spaces available in our Clear Communication for Business study group. Please call 403-770-5155 to determine eligibility. To learn about our upcoming job success groups please click here.

Directions celebrates 10 years helping internationally educated professionals!

More than 9,000 internationally educated professionals have received help with their job search and accreditation. In 2004, Directions for Immigrants opened its doors in downtown Calgary. That year, 9,449 Permanent Residents came to Calgary. Over the years, that number increased to 16,813 in 2012, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  
To serve this increasing population of skilled immigrants, the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada funded Directions for Immigrants. For the last 10 years, Directions has helped over 9,000 internationally educated professionals find jobs and become accredited. Read more on our Spring 2014 Newsletter.

Alberta loses jobs in April but still leads rest of Canada

Alberta lost 2,900 jobs from March to April, but year-over-year employment still up. The latest job report from Statistics Canada suggests Alberta had a disappointing month in April but remains one of the strongest players in the Canadian labour market.

Alberta lost 2,900 jobs from March to April, marking the second straight month of job losses in the province. However, some say that isn't necessarily a reason to worry.

Statistics Canada didn't break down job losses in Calgary and Edmonton, but both cities publish their own data. Reference: CBC News. To read full article click here.

We help internationally educated professionals and trades people in any occupation in any industry - Newsletter Winter 2014

Check out our Winter 2014 Newsletter featuring "We help internationally educated professionals and trades people in any occupation in any industry."  Click here to read about how immigrant professionals who want to restart their career in Canada can benefit from Directions career services. 

The newsletter also features Hallmark Tubulars Ltd. Information Session for our clients as well as about our upcoming study groups and workshops.

ALERT: We are closed

Please be advised Directions for Immigrants office will be closed until at least Thursday, June 27.

Happy Earth Day!

Check out the events taking place today in Calgary: Walk for Water, Pathways 2 Sustainability and Earth Day with Scorpio.

Check out our newsletter

Our March 2013 newsletter features our Facebook page!

Don't miss out on the latest news, pictures and updates we have posted on our Facebook page. Once you like us on Facebook you will get to know our team of career coaches, facilitators and support staff who work tirelessly to train, coach, and guide our clients in the right direction.

If you are curious about our history, scroll down our timeline back to 2004, the year Directions opened doors. You'll learn about the milestones we have accomplished in the last 9 years such as becoming the Health Care Career Centre for Southern Alberta, offering high quality study groups, moving to a bigger office and offering new employment related workshops. Like us on Facebook!

Alberta: the province with the lowest unemployment rate in December 2011

In Alberta, employment was little changed for the month, while the unemployment rate increased by 0.3 percentage points as more people searched for work. Despite this increase, Alberta still has the lowest unemployment rate of all provinces at 4.5%. Employment growth over the year was 1.5%, below the national growth rate.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba showed the lowest unemployment rates after Alberta.

Employment rose by 4,000 in Saskatchewan in December, bringing total growth over the previous 12 months to 3.1%.

In Manitoba the unemployment rate was 5.2% in December, little changed from the previous month, as more people entered the labour force.

To read more click here.

Lack of skilled labour threatens Canadian economy, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says

Producing more skilled workers, scientists and engineers is the key to Canada’s future prosperity, Prime Minister Stephen Harper says.

He said the federal Conservatives are trying to address the shortages by adjusting the immigration system. The government plans to admit between 53,00 to 55,000 new Canadians in 2013 through an overhauled federal skilled worker program, which is being redesigned to bring in more young people. To read full article click here

Calgary and Edmonton to lead Canadian economic growth

Calgary and Edmonton are forecast to be the fastest growing economies in Canada over the next four years, according to the Conference Board of Canada’s Metropolitan Outlook-Autumn 2012 released Tuesday.

For this year, the board is predicting Edmonton will lead the country with 4.6 per cent growth followed by Calgary at 3.8 per cent. Read more of this article from the Calgary Herald.

Canadians more optimistic about job security

A new Labour Day survey suggests Canadians are more optimistic this year about their job security as well as hiring and growth prospects at their companies —and many expect a raise.

The Bank of Montreal poll finds nearly two-thirds, or 64 per cent, of respondents are comfortable with their job security. The survey suggests 41 per cent believe their company is growing and will be hiring.

Both measures are up 13 percentage points from the number of employees who expressed confidence last Labour Day. And 39 per cent expect a promotion or raise this year, up 11 percentage points from last year.

The results come despite lingering economic uncertainty, a still high unemployment rate and a disappointing report showing the economy shed jobs in July.
To read full article click here

Requirements to become licensed with APEGA

New video series helps internationally educated engineers and geoscientists with the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA). Visit this link to watch all 8 videos:

List of videos:
  • Productive Interactions
  • Getting Through Your Application Quickly
  • Understanding the APEGA Process
  • Demonstration of APEGA's Requirements
  • Academic Requirements for Geoscientists
  • Academic Requirements for Engineers
  • Understanding the Requirements
  • Understanding the Different Licenses

Alberta employment stable

Employment in Alberta remained stable last month, even as the global economic slowdown delivered a blow that saw job losses in several Canadian markets.
The country shed a surprisingly steep 30,400 jobs last month - the first major hit in nearly a year for what had been a mostly positive employment record.
The July jobs report published Friday by Statistics Canada pushed the unemployment rate up a 10th of a point to 7.3 per cent. Alberta's unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.6 per cent, lowest in the country.
To read more click here or read it on the Calgary Herald, Business section, page C3 at our Resource Centre.

Job quality improving, CIBC says

A new look at Canada's labour market reveals the first six months of 2012 has seen a big improvement in the quality of jobs that have been created — a surprise that was welcomed Thursday even though the trend likely won't last.

It is already known that Canada's economy churned out 155,000 new jobs in the first half of this year, more than economists had expected, the CIBC says in its latest report on employment quality. But the bigger surprise is that most of those jobs have been of the full-time and high-paying variety.

That is a break from past CIBC reports on job quality, which have tended to show that a higher proportion of employment created since the 2008-09 recession has tended to be in the lower-paying services sector, or has been part-time or self-employment. Read full article

Prize winners

Celebration Prize Winners! Congratulations to Mikhail Verbovsky our grand prize winner of one night at the Fairmont Palliser, Ina Cusnir - Calgary Zoo passes, Sandra Aguilera - Olympic Oval skating passes and Elizabeth Sparrow - Heritage Park passes.

Celebration Event

On Thursday, June 21 over 200 former clients, clients and community stakeholders joined the Directions for Immigrants team, Bow Valley College and our funders the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada to celebrate the career successes of our clients. The event was to honour our clients who are working in their profession and the over 600 engineers, geoscientists, nurses, international medical graduates, pharmacists and medical laboratory techs who have passed a licensing exam.

Congratulations to our lucky clients who won the door prizes!

Mikhail, winner of one night at the Fairmont Palliser

Elizabeth, winner of Heritage Park admission passes

Ina, winner of Calgary Zoo admission passes

Sandra, winner of Olympic Oval Ice Skating admission passes

Canada’s Oil and Gas Industry Will Need to Fill At Least 9,500 Jobs by 2015

Canada's oil and gas industry will need to fill a minimum of 9,500 jobs by 2015, according to a report released on May 29 by the Petroleum Human Resources Council of Canada. Highlights from the report, Canada's Oil and Gas Labour Market Outlook to 2015, state that between now and 2015, Canada's oil and gas industry is at risk of losing about three per cent of its workforce overall, because of persistently low natural gas prices. However, two primary factors - growth in certain operations and age-related attrition across the industry - will offset most job losses and in fact contribute to increased overall hiring needs. Read full press release.


Southern Alberta radio commercial

 Listen to our radio commercial playing on CHUB FM-Big 105.5 (Red Deer), CJBZ FM – B93 (Lethbridge) and CFMY FM – MY96 (Medicine Hat). Click Here.

BVC / CRIEC Mentoring Program accepting mentees

BVC/Calgary Regional Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) is accepting mentees! This is a 4 month comprehensive mentoring program for internationally trained professionals with backgrounds in Electrical (Scada/ Transmission), Instrumentation/Controls, Pipeline, Banking, Risk Management, Cost Control, and Quality Assurance Control. 

Mentees are matched with a mentor who is a working professional in the same or related field.  To be eligible candidates must have Canadian Language Benchmarks of 7 and be legally entitled to work in Canada. Please go to  or for more details.  To register, contact Lindsay Cova, Mentoring Program Assistant at

Peer Networking Event: An opportunity to connect

On November 25, Directions hosted a Peer Networking Event.  50 clients attended this event and had the opportunity to exchange experiences on job search and networking with successful clients. Leonel Rincon (Electrical Engineer), Rosa Martinez (Education), Victorio Tacio (HR), Hugo Millan (IT), Vijyendra Mahara (IT) and Kristyna Vojkova (International Relations), spoke about their job search and how Directions services help them enter the workforce in Calgary.

The keynote speaker, Allan Jones, an IT specialist and recruiter, presented tips on how to use LinkedIn to target potential employers and create networking opportunities.

Career Fairs provide opportunities for networking

Patrick Cotter, career coach, and a group of fifteen clients attended the SAIT Career Directions Job Fair on November 17.  More than a hundred companies from diverse sectors were part of the career fair which were receiving resumes and promoting their companies. Patrick had the opportunity to talk to some company representatives and found that there is optimism about the economy and employers are more actively hiring.”

27 International Medical Graduates (IMGs) passed the AIMG OSCE

We are very excited to announce that 27 IMGs recently passed the Alberta International Medical Graduate OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). They participated in Directions for Immigrants’ AIMG OSCE prep study group which ran for 11 weeks.

Cayti Beyer, Facilitator of the IMG study groups at Directions gave us this feed-back: 

“The focused hard work put into developing this AIMG OSCE prep has proven successful however, without the dedicated, knowledgeable and inspiring physician instructors and a positive, hard working group of participants this result would not have been possible.  This was a collaborative effort and I thank all those who brought their willingness to learn and instruct.”

Congratulations to these IMG clients who have obtained an important accomplishment within their process to become licensed physicians in Alberta.

Directions is conducting a Client Satisfaction Survey

In order to know the level of satisfaction our clients have towards our services, Directions for Immigrants is conducting a Client Satisfaction Survey.

Your feedback is very important to us. It will help us improve our services and resources.

To complete the survey please click on the survey link we provided in the email sent to you last October 4. The deadline to complete this survey is October 19.

City of Calgary representatives present info-session to Directions’ engineering clients

This week representatives of the Infrastructure Services Department at the City of Calgary presented an information session to our engineering clients on current engineering and technology job opportunities.  They stressed the importance for prospective employees of being accredited by the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA).

This was a good opportunity for Directions’ clients to obtain first hand information on the City of Calgary’s recruitment process.

Read about CIIP, a project assisting new immigrants before they immigrate to Canada

Through the Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP), Bow Valley College refers many new immigrants to Directions for Immigrants for assistance with their job search once they arrive in Calgary.

Mitali Mohan: The Pharmacy accreditation process and study groups as a key resource

Check out a video of Mitali Mohan, an Internationally Educated Pharmacist and former Directions for Immigrants client. This video highlights the benefits of our study groups and features our clients and Career Coach Darlene Baker.

Job search resources

Calgary Job Fair

Calgary Job Fair 
1PM - 4PM.
Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Downtown
Hotel Address: 711 4th Street S.E. Calgary, AB T2G 1N3

Meet face to face with recruiters, HR Managers and Hiring Companies from Calgary and across AB. Register online today to attend and submit your resume so employers can contact you before the Job Fair.

Networking during the holiday season

Whether you are job searching or wanting to expand your professional network, the
holiday season brings opportunities for meeting new people and nurturing your ongoing
relationships. "Christmas time is usually a less busy season for some businesses, so
people may have more free time to share helpful advice and have informational
interviews," suggests Patrick Cotter, career coach at Directions.

Read full article on our Fall 2017 Newsletter

RCMP recruitment information session for women

The YWCA Employment Resource Centre is hosting a recruitment information session on August 13 at 11:00 a.m. for women interested in finding out about the diverse and plentiful employment opportunities there are with the RCMP. 

Registration is required. | 403-705-7543

Essentials for landing a new job in 2013

Here are some career essentials for landing a new job in 2013:

• Demonstrate that you have the soft skills that employers say they're looking for.
• Tailor your resume specifically for the needs of each job that you apply for
• Google yourself: Be present (and presentable) on social media sites
• Tap your network for information and opportunities

In detail:

•  Promote your soft skills
Since 67% of Canadian executives surveyed by Workopolis say that they are having trouble finding candidates with the right attitude, work ethic, communication skills and team working abilities, candidates can really stand out from the crowd by demonstrating that they have all of those qualities in all of their interactions with employers.

To read more, click here

Clients learned about recruitment opportunities at Alberta Health Services (AHS)

Linda Scott, Senior Talent Advisor, and Kerrie Stanko, Recruitment Advisor at Alberta Health Services were the presenters at the most recent Industry Networking Session offered at Directions for Immigrants. “They learned that the hiring manager makes the final decision,” when it comes to getting a new candidate on board affirmed Linda.

The AHS staff also walked Directions’ clients through the process of creating their professional profile on the AHS careers website, according to their professional background. “Just keep applying and don’t give up, as part time positions are always coming up” Kerrie said.  Internationally educated health professionals in all areas attended the session. 

New videos take you inside Alberta occupations

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a civil engineer, landscape gardener or web designer in Alberta? These are just 3 of over 180 occupational videos available on the Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS). Each seven-minute video features an interview and on-the-job scenes with an Alberta professional. Topics include:

  • an overview of the occupation
  • educational requirements
  • personal characteristics 
  • the benefits and challenges of the occupation
  • opportunities related to the occupation 
  • finding work-life balance

Click here

Networking is important to get a job

Colin Anton, Diversity Talent Advisor at Shell, advised Directions’ clients at the most recent Industry Networking Session to take advantage of any networking opportunity. “You might have heard this many times but people will remember you if you made a good impression on them as a potential good candidate,” said Colin.

Job seekers must be prepared to say their 30-minute commercial to sell their skills and qualifications and how they match the company’s needs. For that reason, this human resources professional emphasized the importance of developing public speaking skills, regardless of your professional background.

During the Industry Networking Session, Directions’ clients learned that Shell is currently recruiting professionals for the following areas: Geosciences, Petro physics, Engineering, Production Technology, Health, Safety, Security and Environment, Business Analysis, Contracting and Procurement, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing.

New resource on making decisions about work and life

Are you planning your career, considering changing jobs, upgrading, or balancing work with family? Check out the new online resource called My Choices, My Work, My Life posted by the Alberta Learning Service Information.

This new tool will help you see your options, make a decision, set goals and complete the tasks that will lead you closer to your vision for your life.


Consider applying to small companies

Applying to small companies might be a better strategy than targeting the big ones. From 2000 to 2010 Alberta enjoyed an increase of 19,324 or 15.5 per cent of small businesses, according to the recent "Highlights of the Alberta Economy" Report released by the Alberta Economic Development Website. Click here to read the full report.

Twitter and job search

Check out these ALIS Tip Sheets on how to set career goals and develop effective action plans

Check out these videos on how to effectively engage in networking:

How to Network

Help! I feel uncomfortable networking

How do I start networking


Start or join a conversation with groups on LinkedIn

Check this video tutorial on how to maximize your use of LinkedIn Groups:

Find work by contacting employers directly

According to Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS), it is estimated that 80 per cent of the jobs available at any given time are unadvertised. One of the best ways to find out about them and apply is by contacting employers directly.

Check this ALIS Tip Sheet on the basic steps to approach employers.

Social Media Revolution

Check out this great video which proves Social Media is not a fad but a fundamental shift in the way we communicate.

Make the most out of your career fair experience

Great tips on how to effectively approach career fairs.


How to find a new job through LinkedIn

Great tips on how to effectively use LinkedIn for your job search. Do not miss this video.

Tips on job hunting

Read this article if you are sending a lot of resumes to many companies and are not obtaining the level of response you expect.

Tips from our clients

Keep record of your job applications

“For each position you are applying for, keep record of every application, resume, cover letter, and job posting. When you receive a phone call for an interview it is crucial to have all this information available and organized.”

This advice is from Ernesto Gudino, an internationally educated engineer, currently working for an electrical company in Calgary.

Networking really works!

Directions' client and HR Specialist Victorio Tacio shares some tips on how to network.


"Here are three things I followed that made me realize that networking is the most successful and comprehensive job search strategy:


Believe in networking

My networking started with myself. I had to convince myself that networking would make a difference in my job search. Staying positive, being friendly and open to results made me continue believing in what I can achieve through networking.


Establish my network

I had to set-out my plan on how to network efficiently with the available resources. Directions for Immigrants was my headquarters, resource centre, peer support group, and training ground. 


Nurture my networking values

I have built professional relationships and expanded my circle of friends by following the values of networking: being friendly, motivated, and persistent and with a coach-able attitude. I have made friends on the C-Train, bus and career fairs. In addition, I joined Toastmasters, made cold calls to companies and individuals, and opened my LinkedIn account."



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