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Who is the licensing body responsible for Land Surveyors in Alberta?

In Alberta, you must be registered with the Alberta Land Surveyors' Association (ALSA) to engage in the practice of land surveying or use the title Alberta Land Surveyor (ALS), Land Surveyor or Surveyor.

What are the registration requirements for internationally educated Land Surveyors?

Internationally educated Land Surveyors must 

1. Have their education assessed by the Canadian Board of Examiners for Professional Surveyors’ (CBEPS) 

2. Complete and pass the assigned examinations 

3. Find work under the direct supervision of an Alberta Land Surveyor willing to accept you as an articling student 

4. Apply to ALSA with the appropriate fees 

5. Complete your eighteen months of field experience and six months of office experience under the supervision of your ALS Articling Supervisor 

6. Write and pass the required exams and reports 

7. File an affidavit of service by January 15 each year 

8. Meet with the Registration Committee annually 

9. Once all qualifications have been met, apply to ALSA for ALS status 

Upon receiving a certificate of completion, a candidate is eligible to article to an Alberta Land Surveyor. 

For complete information on registration requirements, visit the How do I become a Alberta Land Surveyor on the Alberta Land Surveyors Association website. 

For salary information specific to Alberta Land Surveyors, visit the Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association Compensation Survey.

What are the educational requirements for Land Surveyors in Alberta?

In Alberta, the University of Calgary offers a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree program in geomatics engineering.

What are the accepted English language proficiency tests and where can I be tested?

The Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association does not require candidates to pass an English language proficiency test. However, all professional exams (both written and verbal) must demonstrate an ability to communicate clearly in English. 

To learn more about where to take an English language proficiency test in Alberta, visit English Language Proficiency Tests and Locations.

What supports are available to support internationally educated professionals to integrate into the Canadian labour force?

Directions for Immigrants offers Clear Communications for Business to help you integrate into the Canadian work force. Topics include Active Listening, Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving and Teamwork. Visit the Job Success Groups on the Study Groups page for more information on this service and eligibility criteria.

What information sources are available for Land Surveyors in Alberta?

Alberta Land Surveyors’ Association 

Additional Occupational Information 

For more information on occupations, duties and wages, visit the