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Who is responsible for accrediting Municipal Assessors in Alberta?

In Alberta, to call yourself an Accredited Municipal Assessor (AMAA), you must be a registered member of the Alberta Assessors' Association (AAA). You do not have to be registered if you do not call yourself an Accredited Municipal Assessor.

What are the accreditation requirements for internationally educated Municipal Assessors?

Internationally educated Municipal Assessors follow the same application process as Canadian Applicants: 

1. Find work in the assessment field under the supervision of an Accredited Member

2. Apply to the Alberta Assessors’ Association as a Candidate Member and have your credentials assessed

3. Complete the AAA-approved training

4. Complete and pass the tools for Practicing Assessment in Alberta course offered by AAA

5. Complete and pass the Demonstration Appraisal Report if not completed as part of your diploma

6. Attain four years of experience as an assessor; a minimum of one year experience as a Candidate with the AAA is required

7. Register with AAA as an Accredited Municipal Assessor

For complete information on the accreditation process for Municipal Assessors, visit the Membership page on the Alberta Assessors' Association website.

What are the educational requirements for Municipal Assessors in Alberta?

Note: Licensing bodies compare international education and experience to Canadian standards. 

In Alberta, to become a Municipal Assessor, applicants must hold a two-year diploma with the appropriate specialization. For specific information, visit the Education Requirements page of AMAA. 

The only programs accepted at this time by the AAA are 

What are the accepted English language proficiency tests and where can I be tested?

There are no formal English requirements for Assessors; however, Assessors must have a high level of English in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in order to be successful in the profession. To learn more about where to take an English language proficiency test in Alberta, visit English Language Proficiency Tests and Locations.

What resources and supports are available for internationally educated Municipal Assessors?

Directions for Immigrants offers Clear Communications for Business to help you integrate into the Canadian work force. Topics include Active Listening, Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving and Teamwork. Visit the Study Groups page for more information on this service and eligibility criteria.

What information resources are available for Municipal Assessors in Alberta?

Alberta Assessors' Association

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