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Who is the licensing body responsible for School Business Officials?

To call yourself a Certified School Business Official, you must be a registered member of the Association of School Business Officials of Alberta (ASBOA). You do not have to be registered if you do not call yourself a Certified School Business Official nor use the initials CSBO after your name.

What are the certification requirements for School Business Officials?

To be certified as a CSBO, internationally educated applicants must meet the same requirements as Canadian CSBOs. 

Applicants must 

• be employed by a school district before applying for certification 

• have completed a minimum of three years of Canadian experience satisfactory to the Registration Committee 

• hold a Business Degree or Diploma acceptable to the ASBOA. Be sure to contact ASBOA before having your credentials evaluated. 

• have completed a school law course and a school administration course recognized by ASBOA 

• apply to ASBOA, ensure that you meet 

NOTE: For complete information on the requirements for Certified School Business Officials, visit the FAQ page on the ASBOA website. Other pages of interest are the Certification page and the School Business Officials Regulation page.

What resources and supports are available for internationally educated School Business Officials?

Directions for Immigrants offers Clear Communications for Business to help you integrate into the Canadian work force. Topics include Active Listening, Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving and Teamwork. Visit the Study Groups page for more information on this service and eligibility criteria.

What are the accepted English language proficiency tests and where can I be tested?

There are no formal English requirements for CSBOs; however, each school district may determine its own language requirements. CSBOs must have a high level of English in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in order to be successful in the profession. To learn more about where to take an English language proficiency test in Alberta, visit English Language Proficiency Tests and Locations. 

NOTE: Francophone districts may have French language requirements.

What information resources are available for School Business Officials?

Association of School Business Officials of Alberta 

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