Who is responsible for certifying Tradespeople in Alberta?

Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training is responsible for certifying tradespeople in Alberta.

What are the requirements for internationally educated Tradespeople?

The certification requirements for trades’ occupations vary. Some trades have compulsory certification, while other trades have optional certification. The Compulsory Certification Trades web page provides a list of trades that have compulsory certification. The Optional Certification Trades and Occupations web page provides a list of trades that have optional certification. 

The Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Trades & Occupations website page outlines the requirements to work in Alberta. 

Internationally educated tradespeople who can demonstrate the skills and meet the required work experience criteria for their trade may be eligible for the Qualification Certificate Program

To learn more about your trade and the work experience requirement for certification, visit the Trades & Occupations page on the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training website. 

What training programs are available in Alberta for internationally educated Tradespeople?

There are a number of trades training programs in Alberta specifically targeted to immigrants that are provided by the following organizations: 

CCIS offers training programs in a number of trades. Check their website for specific trades offered. 

Momentum offers the Trades Training for Immigrants and Aboriginals Program, which is a six-month pre-apprenticeship program. Check their website for specific trades offered.

What supports are available to support internationally educated professionals to integrate into the Canadian labour force?

Directions for Immigrants offers Clear Communications for Business to help you integrate into the Canadian work force. Topics include Active Listening, Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving and Teamwork. Visit the Job Success Groups on the Study Groups page for more information on this service and eligibility criteria.

SAIT offers a Language Training Program for Apprentices (LTPA) for first-year or second-year registered apprentices who are permanent residents of Canada residing in Alberta.

Where can I find more information about Trades occupations, salary information and, employment options?

Additional Occupational Information

For more information on occupations, duties and wages, visit