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Who is the association responsible for registering Cardiology Technologists in Alberta?

In Alberta, you must be registered with the Alberta Society of Registered Cardiology Technologists. Only registered members may call themselves Cardiology Technologists.

What are the registration requirements for internationally educated Cardiology Technologists?

Internationally educated Cardiology Technologists must 

1. Submit an application for registration to the Canadian Society of Registered Cardiology Technologists

NOTE: Candidates are evaluated based on substantially equivalent qualifications. As well, credential evaluation is a timely process. Applicants are encouraged to note that a four- to eight-week evaluation period may be required and, in certain cases, evaluation may take longer. 

2. Be able to demonstrate English language proficiency through an interview process. 

3. Applicants who have met all of the criteria have the option of challenging the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT) exam. 

NOTE: Applicants can also apply to a recognized educational cardiology technology program, transferring applicable credits (as determined by the educational institution) which, on program completion, provides for direct eligibility to apply to write the CSCT examination. 

Student Wage 

Applicants must be registered to take the CSCT National Certification Examination a minimum of two months prior to the actual exam date. Students are paid up to 90% of a Cardiology Tech1 wage during this time period and most employers will reimburse the employee who is preparing to write their exam the difference in wages between the 90% student wage and a Tech 1 wage, back-dating to the day the applicant wrote their examination and passed.

What are the educational requirements for Cardiology Technologists in Alberta?

Note: Licensing bodies compare international education and experience to Canadian standards. 

In Canada, the following institutions offer training programs related to cardiology technology: 

Stenberg College in Vancouver, B.C.

What are the accepted English language proficiency tests and where can I be tested?

Applicants must be able to demonstrate fluency in the English language during an interview. To learn more about where to take an English language proficiency test in Alberta, visit English Language Proficiency Tests and Locations.

What supports are available to support internationally educated health professionals to integrate into the Canadian labour force?

Directions for Immigrants, Clear Communication for Health Professionals 

Developed for health care professionals, Clear Communication for Health Professionals is a facilitated study group that focuses on the essence of effective communication in a health care setting. Participants will learn more about Canadian workplace culture, developing effective listening skills and other techniques designed to help you succeed in the workplace. Please visit the Job Success Groups tab on the Study Groups page.

What information resources are available for Cardiology Technologists in Alberta?

Alberta Society of Cardiology Technologists (ASCT) 

Additional Occupational Information 

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