This project is in the pilot phase

We are very proud to announce the launch of a new study group series, a very new and novel concept in Alberta.

While this project is in the pilot phase, we are hopeful that it will gain sufficient momentum to offer it as a regular feature on our annual calendar. Internationally trained lawyers who wish to attain a Canadian license to practice law, have to pass various national exams. For the moment, we are piloting study groups for three of these exams. These exams include Foundations of Canadian Law; Canadian Administrative Law; and Canadian Constitutional Law. All three study groups comprise of weekly sessions for 10 weeks.

What will participants gain from these study groups? Part of the exam preparation includes practice questions and a mock exam. In addition to obtaining invaluable insights from professionals who have gone through the same process, and the opportunity to be well prepared for the exams, participants also have the opportunity to support, and be supported by colleagues and so start building their professional network. Interested individuals would need to meet with one of our career coaches, to determine their eligibility.

For more info, please contact 403-770-5155.