Study Group Description:

R3  - Remembering, Reasoning, Residency Preparation - support for practice readiness, therapeutic decision making and clinical employment. 

This study group is focused on giving IMGs simulations of real wards with cases focused mostly in internal medicine, but also including psychiatry and obstetrics and gynecology. Included in this study group is a session devoted to therapeutic decision making as part of the practice ready process. 

The goal is to assist IMGs in preparing for practice ready level OSCEs, higher levels of on-site clinical assessment or clinical employment. The focus is on clinical decision making across all disciplines as well as written documentation, aspects of professionalism and teamwork.

Tasks will include: 
  • History and physical of patients
  • Recognition and management of unstable patients
  • Trauma assessments
  • Generating relevant hypothesis
  • Laboratory/diagnostic ordering and assessment
  • Discharge planning
  • Case presentation
  • Managing ethical situations
  • Communication including written documentation
  • Cultural awareness and integration

Co-facilitated by a career coach and licensed physicians or senior residents


No cost for eligible clients accepted into the group

Eligibility Requirements:
  • Have successfully written and passed the MCC Qualifying Examination Part I (MCC QE1) and provide proof upon request
  • Meet the College of Physician and Surgeon’s Alberta language criteria
  • Have intention or be in process of applying for a Practice Ready Assessment in Family Medicine or applying to the Alberta Clinical and Surgical Assistant Program
  • Be willing to abide by group protocols and attendance requirements
  • Be approved by a career coach/facilitator/coordinator
Delivery method

Face to face


2020 dates TBD



Number of sessions:


What are the steps to find out if you can join the R3 study group?
  1. Call the Directions for Immigrants office to make an appointment with career coach, phone 403-770-5155
  2. Complete your online registration form
  3. Attend your appointment to determine your eligibility 
  4. Complete a study group assessment with your career coach
  5. Clients will be notified via email as to acceptance or decline
  6. Develop an action plan with your career coach if accepted to the group

Note: There is limited number of spaces available for this study group. All applicants are added to a potential participant list until notification of acceptance. Final acceptance to the study group is based on available space and personal suitability to the group and the objectives of the study group. For more information, call the main reception at 403-770-5155.