My sessions with Darlene contributed immensely to my successful performance

Ajibola, internationally educated land surveyor

Ajibola land surveyor

Do I have the skills to find the job that I desire? Was one of the questions that worried Ajibola, an internationally educated land surveyor the most when she immigrated to Calgary in 2019 from Nigeria. Soon after her arrival she came to Directions for Immigrants to access our career services. She attended the How to Information Interview and How to Network workshops which “made interacting with practicing professionals in my field way easier with positive results on many occasions,” says Ajibola. “The sessions enabled me to quickly understand what was attainable in my industry, the skill sets required, and most importantly how best to sell my acquired skills to prospective employers in a relatable way.”

Ajibola had multiple one-one-one career coaching sessions with Darlene. They worked on resume writing, networking, and utilizing LinkedIn as some of the strategies for her job search in Canada. In a few months she landed a job as a cost consultant with a software company, thanks to her land surveying background. “My sessions with Darlene contributed immensely to my successful performance in interviews, thereby, landing a role within seven weeks of arrival,” says Ajibola. “Finding employment gave me a deep sense of relief, hope for a brighter future, and granted clarity to many questions about my skills.”

When asked about a sharing a piece of advice for other immigrant professionals starting their journey in Canada, Ajibola responds: “It is okay to worry. Never assume the next step is continued education, you just might possess the required skills. Seek direction from Directions for Immigrants and attend their sessions. Enlighten yourself to what is attainable and how to best stay ahead of the competition in the job market, start connecting with professionals in your field of practice early on, and avoid planning your career progress in Canada based on hearsay.”