Become a better job seeker and attend our employment focused workshops

To register please call Directions for Immigrants at 403-770-5155.

Directions for Immigrants offers a series of workshops that discuss effective work search strategies, presentation skills, and Canadian business culture. If you are interested in attending our interactive workshops and have never been to Directions for Immigrants, please call 403-770-5155 to make an initial appointment with a career coach. If you are already a registered client, please call the above phone number to sign up for a workshop.

Job Search Strategies

This introductory workshop will help job searchers develop an effective job search plan, understand employer expectations and develop goals.  See calendar below for upcoming workshops. 

How to Information Interview

Questions such as what is labour market information? How do I find it? How do I use it? What does it mean to my job search? What is an information interview? Get answers to these questions during this session. Topics discussed include labour market trends, using sector information and reaching out to potential contacts using the phone. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.

How to Network

Networking is critical to career success. Most jobs are found through networking yet many of us find networking difficult and uncomfortable. There is a way to become a positive networker specific to your sector. Join us and learn why all positive networkers are successful people and how you can become one of them. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.


LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking website with over 562 million members. This interactive hands-on workshop will help you enhance your profile, expand your network and get feedback from a career coach. Learn how to use this tool for your job search and career advancement. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.

Marketing your Transferable Skills

Focusing on your job title can be limiting. Learn how to identify yourself through your skill set rather than a job title. In this workshop you will identify your skill set and then learn the process to identify some new job targets within your industry or outside your industry that utilize your existing skills. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.

North Star Job Club

Join our North Star Job Club and move from the lack of motivation Mondays may bring to a highly energetic start to the week! If you are actively looking for a job, there is no need to do it on your own. Come and join our job club. It is an informal setting to navigate your job search and it provides an opportunity to network in-person with other immigrant professionals looking for work. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.

Power of Positive Attitude

Learn how to stay positive while job searching in tough economic times. Topics include positive communication, stress management and handling change. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.

Personal Presentation Skills

Learn how to be a better public speaker, practice effective presentation strategies and learn about Toastmasters International ©. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.

Study Methods for Exam Preparation

This workshop has been designed to assist immigrant professionals in preparing for licensing, designation, and academic exams. Join us and learn efficient study techniques including learning styles, reading tips, note taking, and memory improvement tips. See calendar below for upcoming workshops.