The Number One Skill Canadian Employers Want in 2022

Customer service skills

According to Randstad, a leader in the HR services industry, the pandemic has changed the labour market and Canadian employers are now looking for candidates with skills that were not as in demand before 2020. According to the article 10 trending skills Canadian employers want in 2022, the number one skill employers want is customer service. “The pandemic has also resulted in companies adding processes, such as delivery or curbside options, and assisting more customers via chat, phone and email. Those all require different customer service skills, and employers are likely to hire candidates who demonstrate an ability to adapt to various needs,” as stated in the article.  
Employers have high performance expectations of employees who are responsible for responding to customers. Customer service skills may be listed in a job posting as an ability to deal with people, communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. You will also notice many occupations now require both in-person and virtual interactions with customers. If you are an immigrant professional and you are applying for jobs that require customer service skills, contact us to talk to your career coach on how best to market your skills.