Shining the spotlight on the NPPE exam preparation study group for engineers and geoscientists

Our exam preparation study group facilitators play an important role in the success of our study groups. Not only do they teach and explain the content required by the licensing body to successfully pass the exams, but they help our clients solve problems and offer much needed support and encouragement. Perhaps one of the biggest gifts our facilitators give our clients, is sharing their own professional journey. In this edition, we want to shine the light on Patricia, our facilitator for the National Professional Practice Exam (NPPE) exam prep study group. 

Patricia is a Geological Engineer (P.Eng.) who graduated from the University of Tucson, Arizona, USA. Patricia has accumulated 23+ years’ experience working in the upstream oil industry both in Canada and abroad. During this time, she has worked for companies like Nanos Tech and Chevron, and we are thrilled to have Patricia on board for 6+ years to facilitate our NPPE exam prep study group and share her vast experience with our clients. An area of particular concern for many clients preparing for the NPPE are the topics of law and ethics. The questions on these topics are longer and more complex than other questions and Patricia goes to great lengths to point out the correct answer and explain why it is correct. With Patricia’s help, our last NPPE study group achieved 100% pass! Here is some feedback from previous clients.

“The exam results were announced today, and I passed the exam. The discussion sessions were also very useful and therefore I would recommend the study group if I found anybody taking the exam.” Daya 

"The NPPE preparation sessions were very well organized, properly timed and the content of the training was specifically elaborated to match the expectations of internationally trained engineers. Thanks to Directions of Immigrants and to our facilitator, I could succeed in the NPPE exam the first time." Nataliya