Yes, we are repeating ourselves: Stay positive during your work search

Stay positive during your work search

The idiom rose-coloured glasses has been in use since at least the 1840s. It describes an optimistic, cheerful way of looking at life.

We can’t say it enough, you need to stay positive during your job search, especially during these challenging times. We picked the best suggestions from two sources, the ALIS website and an article How to Survive an Endless Job Hunt Without Losing Your Mind. One of our favourites is number 6. “It’s only personal when you make it personal. Hearing 'no' isn’t a judgment about who you are. It’s just something that happens. What really matters and what shapes your experience is how you respond when it happens.” After experiencing rejection, it’s crucial to focus on adjusting the job search strategies and moving on to the next phase, rather than blaming yourself for “not being good enough.” We know that rejection can affect our self-esteem, so we strongly encourage you to chat with a career coach, rather than dealing with it in isolation, which also ties to the tip number 10.

Tips to stay positive

  1. Reframe your thoughts to maintain your confidence
  2. Nurture your hope
  3. Remember your successes
  4. Be kind to yourself
  5. Do activities you enjoy
  6. Don't make it personal
  7. Understand that it’s a process
  8. Keep learning
  9. Take care of the basics
  10. Don’t do it alone