Information you need to know to work as Funeral Director or Embalmer

Who is the licensing body responsible for Funeral Directors and Embalmers?

Funeral directors and embalmers must be licensed through the Alberta Funeral Services Regulatory Board (AFSRB).

What are the licensing requirements for Funeral Directors and Embalmers?

Internationally educated Funeral Directors and Embalmers must:

  1. Have their qualifications assessed by the Canadian College of Funeral Services (CCFS).
  2. Include two to three character reference letters with the qualification assessment.
  3. Complete and pass any courses they may have been assigned by CCFS.
  4. An international applicant who is applying for an embalmers license must also complete a practical embalming exam as determined by the AFSRB.
  5. Write and pass the AFSRB exam on Alberta laws with a minimum pass rate of 70%.
  6. Apply to the AFSRB for a license.
  7. A criminal record check from Canada and the applicant's home country is required for registration.

What are the educational requirements for Funeral Directors and Embalmers in Alberta?

The Mount Royal University Faculty of Continuing Education offers a Funeral Services Diploma, Funeral Director Certificate, and an Embalmer Certificate program.

The Canadian College of Funeral Service offers a Funeral Director and Embalmer Licensure program, a Funeral Director Licensure program, an Embalmer Licensure program, and a 1-year Foundation program in Alberta through on-line and in-class seminars.

What are the accepted English language proficiency tests and where can I be tested?

Currently there are no formal English requirements for Funeral Directors or Embalmers; however, this may be changing, so applicants are advised to contact AFSRB directly. Funeral Directors must be able to communicate fluently with clients and complete government forms accurately. A strong ability to communicate in English in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are necessary in order to be successful in the profession. To learn more about where to take an English language proficiency test in Alberta, visit English Language Proficiency Tests and Locations.

What resources and supports are available for internationally educated Funeral Directors and Embalmers?

Directions for Immigrants offers workplace communication groups to help you integrate into the Canadian work environment. The Clear Communication for Business workplace communication group is designed to help internationally educated professional fine-tune their communication skills with colleagues, supervisors, and clients. In one week, you will learn through role-play and scenarios the nuances and expectations of the Canadian business culture. Topics include active listening, assertiveness, conflict resolution, problem solving, and teamwork. Visit Clear Communication for Business for more information.

What information resources are available for Funeral Directors and Embalmers in Alberta?

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