Study Group Description:

The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Evaluating Exam (PEBC EE) study group focuses on assisting internationally educated pharmacists in reviewing competencies as outlined in the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada Evaluating Exam blueprint through a question and answer format and review with a facilitator. 

* Dates and delivery mode of the study group may be subject to change. Registered participants will be notified and updates will be posted on our webpage.

Licensing Body/Provincial Body:
  • Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)
  • Alberta College of Pharmacy (ACP)

Co-facilitated by a career coach and licensed pharmacists


No cost for eligible clients accepted into the group

Eligibility Requirements: 
  • Be an internationally educated pharmacist 
  • Completed document evaluation and have received evaluation results from PEBC *
  • Be eligible to register for the upcoming EE and provide proof *
  • Write and pass an assessment test 
  • Complete a study group assessment
  • Be ready, willing and able to commit to the attendance rules 
  • Be ready, willing and able to study the required hours per week 
  • Be approved by a career coach/facilitator/coordinator

Candidates who are in the process of having their documents reviewed or are waiting for an evaluation from PEBC are encouraged to contact our office for additional information on their eligibility.

Delivery Method:

Online *

Please note participants will require access to a laptop or PC and high speed internet suitable for audio and video streaming. A cell phone is not suitable for participation.

Recommended Resources: 

Please refer to the references and learning resources listed on the PEBC site.


August 7, 2024 - January 3, 2025 (Wednesdays - with the exception of the January 3 session) *


8:00 am – 12:30 pm

Number of Sessions:


What are the steps to find out if you can join the PEBC EE study group?
  1. Call Directions for Immigrants at 403-770-5155 and make an appointment to meet with a career coach 
  2. Complete your online registration form
  3. Attend your appointment to determine your eligibility
  4. Write and pass an assessment test
  5. Complete a study group assessment with your career coach
  6. Develop an action plan with your career coach
    Please note there are limited number of seats available. To ensure a seat clients should contact our office as early as possible.