Are cover letters necessary?

are cover letters necessary


Many clients ask me if it is necessary to include a cover letter with a resume when applying for jobs. My answer is always YES! My reasons include the following: 

1. Cover letters complement your resume. Your resume gives the employer factual information about your work history, skill set and accomplishments. Writing a cover letter allows you to expand on those facts and gives the employer insights into your personality and motivations. You can let the employer know what you have learned from your experience that would make you a good fit for the position. Tip: A cover letter should have information that your resume does not have. 
2. Cover letters showcase your writing and communication skills: Every job requires good communication and the ability to put thoughts onto paper whether it be via e-mail, formal reports or presentations. Putting together a clear well written cover letter shows the employer you have good communication skills. 
3. Cover letters let you show the employer how you are unique amongst the competition. Sharing your story and personal experience helps you connect with the employer on a human level. Sharing your volunteer experience, motivation for coming to Canada, hobbies or interests can create interest and set you apart from the applicants who write formal templated cover letters. Employers know when a cover letter has been copied from a book or on-line template because they have read too many of them! 
Your career coach can help you develop good content for your cover letter and assist in editing and proofreading. 


Joan, career coach